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  1. Petition against betting shop ramps up after council's botched attempt to block it fails

    A campaign against yet another betting shop opening on Plumstead High Street has ramped up as the council admitted they can’t do anything to stop it from being opened.
  2. These gorgeous photos show some of the best views anywhere in south-east London and north Kent

    Just what are the best views in south-east London and north Kent?
  3. McDonald's could face its first UK strike after a vote at one south-east London restaurant

    McDonald's staff at Crayford could go on strike in what would be a UK first for the fast-food restaurant.
  4. Police hope thieves will be 'bricking it' as CCTV footage of £300 Lego sets being taken is released

    Bexley police hope three criminals will be 'bricking it' as CCTV footage of men allegedly stealing £300 worth of Lego from a toy shop is released.
  5. Heroic stable hand saves pony's life after a collision with car

    A heroic stable hand saved a scared pony from a busy road by chasing and wrestling it to the ground after a collision with a car which then failed to stop.
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