The magazine was started in June 1969, by Mike Young, as a couple of duplicated foolscap sheets. I took over as editor following his death in May 1992. I am sure we never dreamed that the magazine would still be going strong, nor that it would be available to a much larger audience over the internet (something never dreamed of in the 1960s)!

I would like to thank Valerie and Andrew Tredinnick, who collate and staple the magazine, David Hynes, who maintains the mailing list, and the Pastoral Visitors who help to distribute the magazines, without whose help I would find it much harder to produce the magazine.

Thanks also to all those people who give me articles, news and suggestions, all which help when I am lacking in inspiration or have a page to fill. I am always on the look out for more articles and ideas so if you have any news or an idea for an article, or even feel moved to write the occasional article yourself, please let me know.

If you want to write an article yourself and have access to a computer, you can send it by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The page size is A5 and preferred font size is 12, in either Arial or Times New Roman font (though I can play around with whatever you send me, so that it fits my template).

Thank you to all our readers. We hope you get a flavour of life at Anerley through its pages. - Marian Young

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Christmas 2017  The origins of 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing' & Minister's Christmas Letter
Autumn 2017  St Christopher's Hospice 50 years Service of Celebration
Late Summer 2017  Update on Living Hope & News of our new Minister
Summer 2017  Learn about the First Communion taken on the moon
Easter 2017  Changes to Circuit Ministerial Team & last in the series 'Our Hymn Singing Heritage'
Lent 2017  Almost the last in the series 'Singing our Heritage' and News from the Wesley Girls High School - Kumasi, Ghana.
Christmas 2016  More of our Hymn Singing Heritage and Imran's Christmas message
Autumn 2016  Our Hymn Singing Heritage & Christmas in September
Late Summer 2016 Thoughts on 'Brexit';  Tribute to Rev. John Taylor & Our Hymn Singing Heritage
Summer 2016  Read About OXFAM in Nepal
Easter 2016  Read about John Wesley, Founder of Methodism & about 'The Servant Queen'
Lent 2016  Read about OXFAM- A Reflection on 2015
Christmas 2015  Read about Anerley likened to a Pomegranate seed on Page 13
Autumn 2015  Read memories and a tribute to the life and work of the late Chris Metcalfe
Late Summer 2015  Read the Chairman of Conference, Rev. Steven Wild's challenge to the church to 'Let's Take God Seriously' 
Summer 2015  Read about Marian's Civic Award & the events of the 150th Anniversary Weekend
Easter 2015  See details of 150th Anniversary Events
Lent 2015  News from Casa Ricci social services
Christmas 2014  Rules for Methodists in 1770 - Times they have a-changed
Autumn 2014  Keep up to date with our plans for 2015
Late Summer 2014  Imran's ordination is on page 3 and dates for your diary are with this issue
Summer 2014  Read the Annual Report from 'Living Hope' on Page 11
Easter 2014  Imran and Andrews sponsored walk is detailed on page 10
Lent 2014  Read about Christmas with a Difference on page 8
Christmas 2013
 The JMA awards are on page 13
Autumn 2013  Read about the Penge War Memorial on page 13
Late Summer 2013  Charity Bake Off is on page 6
Summer 2013  A thank you from Janice on page 13
Easter 2013  Anerley has four winners in the Methodist Talents Festival - page 6
Lent 2013  Dr Rowan Williams has joined the Board of Trustees for Christian Aid- page 9
Christmas 2012  See how much our JMA collectors raised on page 5
Autumn 2012  Andrews Sponsored Walk for Christian Aid passing all 9 Churches in the New Blackheath and Crystal Palace   Circuit is on page 6
Late Summer 2012

 Have a look at the plans for our 150th Aniversary on page 8

Easter 2012  The Penge Festival will be held over three weeks from the end of April - see page 8
Lent 2012  Read the tribute to Father Ruiz adapted from the CRSS November newsletter on page 12
Christmas 2011  See how the young members of your family get on with the Christmas Word Search - you will find it fun too.
Autumn 2011  Try Ann Vickery's recipe for chocolate brownies
Summer 2011  Read the message from our Friends in Franschhoek, about Baby Clothes we sent them - page 6
Lent 2011  News from Father Ruiz and the Casa Ricci Social Services is on page 11
Autumn 2010  Prepare for the Methodist Talents Festival at Shirley Methodist Church - see page 8
Late Summer 2010  Read about the Street Pastors on page 10
Summer 2010  We are in the 42nd year of production - you can view 4 years editions on here!! 
Click here for the detailed story of Nick and Paz during the earthquake
Easter 2010  Nick and Paz live in Santiago read about them on page 5
Lent 2010  Read or sing the song on page 13 "I Cannot Tell"
Christmas 2009  Read about the firework party on page 5
Autumn 2009  Have you heard about the New Neighbour Project? see page 9
Late Summer 2009  Read News from the Mission Aviation Fellowship on page 10
Summer 2009  Sharon Brocksom's story -how she became involved with the Girls Brigade is on page 10
Easter 2009

 Read about Comforts MBE Award

Lent 2009  See who sent us all Christmas Greetings in the "Round the Family" page.
Christmas 2008  The new section of The Green Chain Walk - Nunhead to Crystal Palace Park
Autumn 2008  Andrew's Green Chain Walk
Late Summer 2008  Cows changing lives in Uganda on page 8
Summer 2008  Read the letter from an old member on page 6
Easter 2008  The talents festival was held on March 1st.
 The results of the entrants for the Church, Cubs and Scouts are in this magazine on page 8
 Also keep up to date with what is going on with the Kumasi School
Lent 2008  On page 8 read about Andrews Green Chain Walk for funds for the Kumasi School
Christmas 2007  Find out about the Methodist run website called INTERFACE on page 9
Autumn 2007  Help the Scout Group to raise money by collecting aluminium cans - see page 9
Late Summer 2007  See how we are getting along with helping the Kumasi School on page 8
Summer 2007  £1600 raised for Kumasi School Library Appeal - see page 8
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