Anerley ethodist ChurchWe are pleased to make our premises available for hire to community groups or individuals for special occasions or for regular use.

Full dimmensions of the halls can be found under the tab for the part of the premises you are interested in.

Tables and chairs are provided and the use of a kitchen.

Users are expected to set up the Halls themselves, to sweep up and stack tables and chairs after their use.

In consideration to our neighbours the Halls must be vacated by 11pm with music turned off at 10.30pm.

As these are church premises certain activities are either not permitted or have restrictions placed on them.

No Alcoholic drink is allowed on the premises.

Political Meetings are not permitted

Religious services or meetings require the permission of the Minister.

No Gambling, except small raffles, are allowed on the premises.

Events which require a Music & Dancing Licence cannot be held nor be publicly advertised.
Pre recorded media may be viewed but as the Church does not have a TV Licence, the use of TV equipment to view live TV images is not permitted.

Scripts of Dramatic presentations must be approved by the Minister.

Teenage parties are not normally allowed. However in exceptional or special circumstances they may be permitted at the sole discretion of the property secretary; if permitted, special conditions including a mandatory security package will apply.
Hall charges are available on application to the Property Secretary 020 8289 3524 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Discount rates are available for regular users

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