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  • Friday, 23 Jun 2017
    Power of God, be our protection; wisdom of God, be our guide; word of God, be our inspiration; shield of God, be our defence; hosts of God, be our deliverance; Son of God, be our salvation; now and always. Amen. St Patrick's Breastplate, Book of Armagh (9th century) We give thanks for the resurrection power of Jesus, that no tomb can withstand and no enslavement restrain. We pray that those under political, economic, social and cultural oppression may experience liberation through the grace of God, the acts of leaders of goodwill and the sacrificial mission of the Church in all parts of the world. We pray that we, as disciples, may have the courage to let go of our instincts of self-preservation and, in doing so, find the true freedom reserved for those who take up their cross and follow Jesus, the saviour of the world. Peter Hancock, Northampton District Chair


Hello Everyone,

I am the Minister here at Anerley Methodist Church. I am married to Sarah Malik.

We are parents of two son's, Rohan aged six and Roshan aged three. Rohan is very proud to be part of the Junior Church.

As a minister my vision for this church is to:

·        Continue to be a welcoming and caring community

·        Nurture and equip our community in their Christian discipleship

·        Prepare the church for mission and evangelism at local and wider levels

·        Resource and equip Lay Leadership in the church

If you are looking for a warm and friendly worship environment and to be a part of your local worship community please come and visit us. You will find Anerley Methodist Church an accessible, hospitable and nurturing place. Our leadership team is there to help all the members and visitors to experience the warmth of God's love in our fellowship.

Every Blessing Imran.

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